Production Unlimited

Production Unlimited

Production Unlimited is a traditional sheltered workshop providing opportunities to develop and improve work habits, skills and productivity. Work includes such things as labeling, assembly, salvage, quality control, sorting, packaging and bench work.

At Production Unlimited, adults with developmental or other disabilities are provided the opportunity to earn a paycheck while building valuable work and life skills. Our workers are dependable, well-trained and capable of performing a large variety of labor-intensive tasks quickly and efficiently. All work performed by our Production Unlimited personnel is inspected by HTC staff during the job process in order to guarantee customers the consistent industry-leading quality they expect from us.

Production Unlimited Flyer

For more information or to find out how Production Unlimited can help increase your efficiency and minimize production costs for your business, call (209) 985-5412 or lramsey@howardtrainingcenter.com

Client Profile: Rafael Molina

Rafael has been with Production Unlimited for a year. When he first started the program, Rafael's main language was Spanish, but he is now able to understand and communicate in English. Rafael has shown improvement in every area including communication, compassion, attentiveness to others and respect, and he always gives 110 percent on every job he works on. Rafael recently had an appointment with the Department of Rehabilitation to complete his paperwork to move out into the community and he will be securing a position on the crew for the City of Ceres. Rafael says financial independence is very important to him so he hopes to make more money in the future.

Business Testimonial: Bill Thurston, Sierra Highway Safety

I am so pleased to take this opportunity to comment on the relationship between Production Unlimited and Sierra Highway Safety.

Sierra Highway Safety has been partnered with Production Unlimited for over 30 years. During that long relationship, there have been virtually no problems. Production Unlimited processes my shipments, assembles my products and receives and maintains my inventory. Lisa and Phan always "Get it Done" when my Highway Contractors have had last minute needs before finishing and opening a Freeway Project. Production Unlimited supplies an essential service to my customers and the community. My company would not be the same without Production Unlimited.

CARF Accredited

CARF Accredited